100G IEEE 802.3bj Reed-Solomon Forward Error Correction


Product Description

AMD offers the 100 Gigabit IEEE 802.3bj Reed-Solomon Forward Error Correction (RS-FEC) IP core for data center and enterprise applications. This core is designed to the IEEE 802.3bj-2014 specification and connects seamlessly to the AMD integrated or soft 100G Ethernet MAC IP on Virtex™ UltraScale™.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Supports RS(528,514) KR4 and RS(544,514) KP4
  • Low latency
  • Supports 100 Gigabits
  • Configuration and status bus
  • Selectable AXI4-Lite interface for status output
  • Transcode Bypass mode for direct access to RS-FEC encoder/decoder
  • Example reference design demonstrating integrated 100G Ethernet IP with RS-FEC
  • ECC RAM option

Resource Utilization


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