IEEE 802.3 Clause 74 FEC


Product Description

The IEEE 802.3 Clause 74 FEC IP core performs the functions of the IEEE Clause 74 FEC, sometimes known as “KR FEC”, as described in Clause 74 of IEEE Standard for Ethernet IEEE 802.3-2015.

This core can be used to implement FEC for 10G and 25G BASE-R Ethernet PHYs, as well as for 16G Fibre Channel (16GFC) links and other standards which use the Clause 74 FEC: see Fibre Channel Framing and Signaling - 4 T11/15-253v2 rev 1.40, INCITS, October 2015.

Key Features and Benefits

  • The IP core supports encoding and decoding of the (2112,2080) Fire code defined in IEEE 802.3 Clause 74
  • Suitable for 10GBASE-R, 25GBASE-R, 40GBASE-R, 50GBASE-R and 100GBASE-R Ethernet PHYs and 16G Fibre Channel PHYs
  • Burst errors of up to 11 bits can be corrected
  • All alignment, transcoding, and scrambling functions are performed within the core
  • Status and control signals allow configuration and statistics monitoring
  • Runtime-configurable Error Indication Bypass mode is available
  • An example design demonstrating the instantiation and use of the IP core is  provided
  • The core offers 425 MHz (28 Gb/s) operation in any UltraScale or UltraScale+ device

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