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Product Description

The AMD DisplayPort solutions include DisplayPort TX and RX subsystems designed to VESA DisplayPort V1.2 specification and DisplayPort 1.4 TX and RX subsystems to be available in Vivado 2018.1(April 2018) designed to VESA DisplayPort V1.4 specification. These solutions help users implement DisplayPort video interface as defined by VESA DisplayPort specification. DisplayPort is a high-speed serial interface standard supported by industry leaders in consumer electronics HDTV, PC laptop and PC monitors. This protocol is considered a successor to VGA and DVI standards with support for video resolutions up to 8Kx4K video and adds audio.

DisplayPort LogiCORE IP supports UltraScale™ and 7 Series FPGAs.

DisplayPort 1.4 subsystems support supports UltraScale and UltraScale+™ FPGAs and includes support for DisplayPort V1,2 specification also.

To help users in creating video solutions with DisplayPort interfaces, AMD offers prepackaged subsystems for DisplayPort transmit and DisplayPort receive. These subsystems integrate commonly used functions with video interfaces such as video timing generation, AXI bridges and optional HDCP function with DisplayPort LogiCORE and work out of the box.

The standalone DisplayPort LogiCORE in Vivado release 2017.2 has been discontinued and hence users are strongly recommended to use DisplayPort Subsystems for all new designs.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Subsystem offerings for out of the box use
  • Source (Tx ) and Sink (Rx) controllers perform encoding/decoding
  • SST and MST support
  • One, two or four pixel-wide main link for up to 4096x2048 monitor resolution, Quad pixel allows user to get up to 600 Mhz Video Pixel clock
  • Enhanced Color formats for luminance only mode & gray scale video users
  • Parameterized Bits Per Color
  • Auto lane rate and width negotiation (1.6 or 2.7 or 5.4 Gbps; 1, 2 or 4 lanes)
  • HD video and optional de/interlace of secondary audio support up to 8-channel

DisplayPort 1.4 Subsystem Key Features & Benefits

  • 8b/10b encoding and scrambling to reduce EMI
  • DisplayPort Source and sink Reference Designs
  • Sink and Source SW drivers implementing
    • Link and Stream policy makers
    • topology discovery and management
    • Payload management and virtual channel mapping
    • EDID parsing and DPCD
  •     Optional HDCP support
  • Same as DisplayPort Subsystem
  • Adds 8.1 Gbps/lane to handle up to 8K monitor resolution
  • DisplayPort Source and sink Reference Deisgns in Vivado

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