AMD Xilinx Media SDK Overview

For live streaming applications where every millisecond counts, the AMD Xilinx Video SDK has been released and is now available to Alveo U30 media accelerator users through on-premises setups (support by AWS's Amazon EC2 VT1 instances coming soon). It adds enhancements to the pervious feature rich Video SDK. For Alveo U30 media accelerator card users who need to handle a growing volume of video transcoding workloads, this Video SDK adds several enhancements Including:

  • Ultra-low latency (ULL) encoding
  • Dynamic GOP
  • Min/max frame quantization parameter (QP) bounding

These enhancements are applicable to GStreamer, FFmpeg, and XMA (C-API).
This Video SDK, along with the multimedia framework/toolkit, further enables users to cost-effectively scale their live video transcoding with even greater ease. See What’s New of the Video SDK Release Notes on GitHub for the full list of enhancements.