The Importance of Programmable Devices in Next-Gen Security Appliances and Firewalls

With increases in cloud-based networking, the traffic in Enterprise networks has massively increased with millions of flows coming in and leaving enterprise networks. Advanced security threat mitigation and malware detection capabilities at high throughput are needed for next-generation firewall security appliances. Next-generation firewalls are evolving from lower throughput (1-10Gbps) software-based traffic inspection appliances to high throughput (100-400Gps) stateful traffic inspection appliances that implement flow-based and dynamic policy rules for network traffic. This webinar discusses:

  • Why Xilinx programmable devices (FPGAs) are ideal for high-performance next-generation firewall designs.
  • The capabilities of Xilinx FPGAs in processing millions of flow rules and partial offload of L4-L7 security functionality.
  • The use of FPGAs in applying the latest technologies such as ML models in security appliances.