Driving the Digital Factory with On-premises Computing: Accelerated with Alveo

Modern factories are highly automated, but business pressures are driving operations beyond automation. The vision of the smart factory addresses these demands by outlining a flexible digital system that can self-optimize, self-adapt to and learn from new conditions in real or near-real time, and autonomously run entire production processes. A true smart factory integrates data from system-wide physical, operational, and human assets to drive manufacturing, maintenance, inventory tracking, digitization of operations through the digital twin concept, among other processes, across the entire manufacturing network. Often, cloud computing is expected to be primary enabler for smart factories. However security and privacy concerns and recurrent cost of cloud services make on-premises computing very desirable.

In this webinar, you will learn how Alveo PCIe Accelerator cards from Xilinx can empower the data collection, aggregation, processing, modelling and A.I. guided decision-making in a secured, on-premises setup.   Through offloading, accelerating, and directly collecting factory data from the network, you will learn why investing in Alveo brings you a refined approach yielding system-wide benefits across the factory floor and the cloud.