Bigstream Technology Applied to Samsung SmartSSD Computational Storage Device

Providing Analytics Performance with Zero Code Change and Ease of Deployment. Bigstream Solutions has pioneered an advanced data-flow computational architecture that address the performance issues with big data analytics. Bigstream Hyper-acceleration has been shown to provide a 10x or greater improvement in performance and scalability, on a variety of hardware including CPUs, FPGAs and GPUs. Most critically, it does this without the need to change or add a single line of code, therefore addressing the user programming complexity issue. Recently, in a collaboration between Bigstream, Samsung, and Xilinx this acceleration technology has been applied to an advanced computational storage platform called SmartSSD. In this talk, we discuss this technology and present customer-relevant performance results. Results show that the platform provides high performance, CPU utilization offload, and PCIe bus utilization reduction. In addition, it provides these for the popular Apache Spark platform with zero changes in the user programming model. This technology can be beneficial to a number of personas inside a data analytics organization including analysts, infrastructure managers, and business decision-makers.