Driver Monitoring Systems are here, and Occupant Monitoring Systems are coming. Are you ready?

New safety standards requiring high-performance, low-cost embedded driver monitoring solutions will soon be published for near-term implementation, and it is obvious that pure end-to-end deep-learned neural networks will simply not be enough. Safety-focused regulatory bodies are looking for robust solutions to monitor the state of drivers to ensure that they are engaged and capable to retake control of the vehicle, if necessary. To this end, a scientific understanding of human driver impairment and driver engagement behaviors is required – this is a field called Human Factors (HF). Seeing Machines, an industry leader in AI driven safety technology, roots all its DMS and OMS solutions development decisions in HF science and research, and has deep expertise in optical path, algorithm development and embedding optimization. The company is on a mission to improve driver safety by working directly with government and safety bodies, along with Tier-1 and OEM customers, to get everyone home safely.​