Robot Modularity with Xilinx and H-ROS

System integration in robotics has traditionally an extremely time-consuming and demanding task. The Robot Operating System (ROS) addresses programming needs for robots, however, system integration goes beyond programming. Modularity proposes a way to reduce integration effort, but comes with new challenges. This webinar will discuss the narrative of how Acutronic Robotics, using Xilinx Programmable SoC technology and elements from the Xilinx Industrial IoT Solution Stack, solved the challenges of modularity. Acutronic Robotics recently launched the Hardware Robot Operating System (H-ROS), a standardized software and hardware embedded platform to create modular robot hardware. Emphasis will be on the H-ROS SoM, a disruptive hardware device that brings modularity to robotics. The webinar will finish by introducing the first modular robot powered by the Zynq®-7000 SoC family and Xilinx's Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) Subsystem IP Core together with a group of technologies that enable robot modularity across manufacturers.

In this webinar, learn about the following:

  • Insight and perspective on the robotics landscape
  • H-ROS SoM featuring ROS2.0, machine learning, TSN, and other advanced technologies
  • A new paradigm to integrate robotic components in all types of robots, especially collaborative robots (cobots)
  • Capabilities of the new MARA cobot
  • A special limited time offer featuring hardware/IP/design files to get jumpstarted with your own Time Sensitive Networking design