Ultra Low Latency Trading with FPGAs Using Algorithms in Logic to Process Real-Time Data

Over the past 10 years, Algo-Logic has innovated porting algorithms into logic to provide solutions that run much faster in gateware than software. By developing a portfolio of ultra-low latency IP cores, we have been able to quickly build applications to enter new markets that require fast processing of real-time data: including trading, data centers, and IoT. With a focus on innovation and continued leadership in FinTech, we have recently introduced pre-built FPGA solutions that include our new Tick (Market Feed) solution, our fifth generation Tick-to-Trade system, and our next generation Pre-Trade Risk Check (PTRC) solution. In this talk, we will discuss how Algo-Logic is partnered with Xilinx to deliver innovative solutions for Alveo and other platforms that provide our customers with a sustainable competitive advantage for ultra-low latency packet processing in FPGA logic.