Winning Risk Management Methods for Medical Device Embedded Systems

The risks defined by medical device regulators can be managed through a shared view of robust functional safety methodology and cybersecurity requirements for the electronics/hardware and software of the device to achieve targeted operation.

This webinar provides medical device architects and designers an introduction to functional safety and cybersecurity methods used in industrial automation and other high reliability markets and how Xilinx technology could be applied in the risk management-based aspects of the medical device design flow to create more robust designs while accelerating time to market.

Xilinx offers a broad set of capabilities in its semiconductors, tools, and software for Zynq UltraScale+ product line which is tailored to support solutions that must meet and be certified to standards like IEC61508 (Functional Safety) and IEC62443 (Cybersecurity) and can be leveraged by medical device developers to meet the shared goals of safe and secure operation of medical embedded electronic systems.