Partner Program Details

The Xilinx Partner Program is designed for partners who offer a unique value add proposition with differentiated services and solutions which help drive adoption of Xilinx technologies for use in cloud, commercial, enterprise, and embedded systems.​

Xilinx Partners play a key role in accelerating Xilinx technology.  Our Partners are provided the tools to differentiate their expertise to customers and maximize the benefits of the Xilinx Partner Program. ​

Companies should have a solid business model and market focus which are in alignment with Xilinx and the knowledge and competencies to help you distinguish and deliver Xilinx technology to our mutual customers.  ​

The following competencies are considered for acceptance in our Partner Program: 

  • Have demonstrated capabilities and expertise on Xilinx technologies
  • Have successful engagements with, and understand the needs of Xilinx customers
  • Have implemented a minimum set of quality, business, and technical processes
  • Can support a world-wide customer base

Partner Program Benefits

Partners have access to a variety of marketing activities, including publication of Company profile and Xilinx related products and solutions on  These marketing opportunities help Partners find new leads and expand their business.

Xilinx Partners are granted access to our on-demand training tool which includes access to our Xilinx Certification training program.  All Partners are encouraged to take advantage of the available training. 


Partners are often invited to attend Xilinx hosted events and training where they may showcase their Xilinx based technology and solutions, meet and engage with Xilinx and our mutual customers. 


Many Partners have opportunities to participate with their sales and marketing sponsor in strategic business programs and with key customer engagements.


The goal of the Xilinx Partner Program is to provide you with the tools you need to be successful with our mutual customers.  Xilinx provides Partners with access and discounts to various Xilinx tools and IP.

Our technical support staff and Forum superusers offer our partners expertise and solution-based support for Xilinx devices and tools. Partners are granted access to our Xilinx Service Request tool. 

Become a Partner

Requirements for application to the Xilinx Partner Program:​

  • Secure Xilinx sponsorship (sales, marketing) for your membership and ongoing collaboration for business​

    • All participants in the Xilinx Partner Program are required to have a Sponsor. Your sponsor is the person who sees strategic value in bringing your company into our Partner Program. Your Sponsor will work with you on an ongoing basis to collaborate on business development and pursuit of mutual customers. ​

    • If you are primarily offering design services, someone from the Xilinx Sales team will generally sponsor your application. ​

    • If your primary business is around products/solutions (i.e. Acceleration, IP, boards, etc.) someone from one of our segments, horizontal, or product marketing / engineering teams will need to sponsor your application and ongoing business collaboration. ​

  • Complete online application form to provide detailed business-related information​

  • Sign Xilinx Partner Program Agreement and Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement