CAN with Flexible Data Rate (CAN FD)


Product Description

The AMD CAN FD IP core is ideally suited for automotive and industrial applications such as automotive gateways, body control units, domain controllers, automotive test equipment, instrument clusters, sensor controls, and industrial networks requiring higher data rates than conventional CAN networks. The CAN FD core is compliant to the specification ISO 11898-1/2015.

IMPORTANT: It is required to have a valid Bosch CAN FD protocol license before selling a device containing the AMD CAN FD IP core.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Designed to ISO 11898-1/2015
  • Supports flexible data rates >4Mbps
  • Transmitter delay compensation up to 3 data bit time
  • Transmit and receive mailbox buffers with a user configurable depth
  • 32 deep sequential receive buffers (First-In-First-Out receive mode) with 32 filter-mask pairs
  • Message with lowest ID transmitted first
  • Supports transmit cancellation

Resource Utilization



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