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Configuration Solutions

In addition to a wide range of configuration and boot options for Xilinx devices, a variety of prototyping tools and production programming solutions are available.

Prototyping Tools

  • SmartLynq Data Cable is the newest, most flexible, and highest performance JTAG cable from Xilinx.  This cable delivers up to 40 Mbps throughput, Ethernet and USB host connections, plus additional debugging capabilities for embedded systems development.  The SmartLynq Data Cable is backward compatible with the Platform Cable USB II through a standard JTAG header connection to the target board.  It is compatible with the Vivado® Design Suite and Xilinx Software Development Kit.
  • Platform Cable USB II is a high-performance, reliable and user-friendly JTAG cable from Xilinx.  This cable is an effective tool for downloading designs to Xilinx devices and debugging embedded firmware and software.  It is compatible with the Vivado® Design Suite and Xilinx Software Development Kit.  Platform Cable USB II is an upgrade to and backwards compatible with Platform Cable USB.
  • Xilinx Virtual Cable is a TCP/IP-based protocol that acts like a JTAG cable and provides a means to access a Xilinx device without using a physical JTAG cable.
  • Digilent JTAG Programmers cover a range of applications ranging from traditional JTAG cables for prototyping, to surface-mount JTAG modules for integration into end products.  In addition to compatibility with the Vivado® Design Suite and Xilinx Software Development Kit, Digilent provides their Adept software which enables custom applications to drive JTAG operations.

Production Programming Solutions

  • Consult the 3rd Party Programming Solutions vendor list for support of volume manufacturing of end products containing Xilinx devices featuring non-volatile memory technology (eFUSE, PROM, and CPLD) or containing non-volatile bulk storage technologies (NOR and NAND flash).
  • Xilinx Boundary Scan BSDL Models are available for every Xilinx device with standard IEEE 1149.1 compatibility.
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