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PCI Express (PCIe)

PCI Express (PCIe) is a general purpose serial interconnect that can be leveraged for Communications, Data-center, Embedded, Test & Measurements, Military and Desktop applications. It can also be used as peripheral device interconnect, chip-to-chip interface and bridge to many other protocol standards.

Xilinx provides high performance and low power integrated hard block PCIe solution in Xilinx All Programmable devices at no extra cost. Xilinx also provides soft blocks, boards, connectivity kits, reference designs, drivers and tools to further enhance user experience in implementing PCIe based designs.

UltraScale+ PCIe Solutions

Xilinx 16nm UltraScale+ devices integrate many essential features required with PCI Express in today’s data center and embedded applications.

The hard block PCIe solution supports:

  • Physical/Virtual Functions required for Single Root IO Virtualization (SR-IOV) to share IO resources over single PCIe link
  • Native Gen3x16 and Gen4x8 width Integrated PCIe block for 100G applications
  • Additional tags to support more read requests enabling overall system performance
Xilinx offers high performance DMA solutions:
  • XDMA solutions (XDMA for PCI Express Subsystem) is our production PCIe DMA solution, widely used by customers
  • QDMA solution (QDMA for PCI Express Subsystem) is our new DMA IP, available for early access beta customers in 2018.1 (April, 2018).  The QDMA solution provides support for multiple Physical/ Virtual Functions with scalable queues, and is ideal for applications that require small packet performance at low latency.

PCIe Solution Portfolio

  Integrated Block Solutions Soft Block Solutions from IP Partners
(Northwest Logic, PLDA)
  Width/Speed Data Rates (GB/s) Number of Blocks Width/Speed Data Rates (GB/s)
Virtex UltraScale+ x16 Gen3
x8 Gen4
16 2-6 x4 Gen 4 8
Kintex UltraScale+ x16 Gen3
x8 Gen4
16 0-5 x4 Gen 4 8
Zynq UltraScale+ x16 Gen3
x8 Gen4
16 0-5 x4 Gen 4 8
Virtex UltraScale x8 Gen3 8 2-6 x8 Gen3 8
Kintex UltraScale x8 Gen3 8 2-6 x8 Gen3 8
Kintex-7 x8 Gen2 4 1 x8 Gen3 8
Zynq-7000 (Z-7030/7035/7045/7100) x8 Gen2 4 1 x8 Gen3 8
Virtex-7T x8 Gen2 4 3-4 x8 Gen3 8
Virtex-7 XT/HT x8 Gen3 8 1-4 x8 Gen3 8
Artix-7 x4 Gen2 2 1 x4 Gen2 2
Zynq-7000   x8 Gen2 4 1 x8 Gen2 4
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