Dynamic Function eXchange Decoupler


Product Description

The Dynamic Function eXchange (DFX) Decoupler IP provides logical isolation capabilities for DFX designs.  One or more DFX Decoupler cores can be used to make the interface between a Reconfigurable Partition (RP) and the static logic safe from unpredictable activity while dynamic reconfiguration is occurring.  When active, user-selected signals crossing between the RP and the static logic are driven to user configurable values. When inactive, signals are passed unaltered.  DFX Decoupler cores can be connected to the DFX Controller IP or custom user controllers to create a complete Dynamic Function eXchange management solution.

The DFX Decoupler core can be customized for the number of interfaces, type of interfaces, decoupling functionality, status and control.  AXI-based interfaces are natively supported; easily and efficiently enable AXI4-Stream based control, AXI4-Stream based status, or AXI4-Lite based status and control.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Support for all interface types registered in the Vivado® Design Suite, including customer interfaces
  • Multiple interfaces allowed per decoupler
  • Unique decoupling behavior per interface
  • Each interface can have clock domain crossing support
  • Compatible with AXI4-Lite and AXI4-Stream user interfaces
  • Multiple status and control options
  • Connects directly to the DFX Controller using the signal based control interface
  • Phased decoupling supported

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