1080p60 HD Video Surveillance

One of the major developments in the security surveillance market is the introduction of HD smart IP cameras, where video analytics are moving from a centralized server to the edge and cameras communicate to the control center through Ethernet protocols.  This allows for a more flexible, highly scalable network topology for security installations.  However, incorporating all of the required functions into a high performance, small form factor camera with minimal power consumption is a growing challenge for designers.

Zynq™ 7000 SoCs are the ideal platform for building today’s “smart” surveillance cameras with the highest levels of integration and flexibility. Unlike typical multichip implementations which require a co-processing solution and leave little room for differentiation, Zynq 7000 devices enable a single-chip integrated signal processor (ISP) with wide dynamic range image sensor support and customizable video algorithms.

Solution Summary and Benefits

  • Single-chip ISP with wide dynamic range image sensor support and 1080p30 HD video encoding
  • Highly integrated, flexible SoC enables high megapixel single/multi-sensor and sensor fusion camera support and customizable video algorithms (enhancement, filtering, scaling, multisensor image stitching, etc.)
  • Increase system performance with hardware acceleration for video analytics such as object identification, object tracking, virtual trip wire, counting, license plate localization and reading
  • Accelerate design productivity with a tightly integrated development tool flow, SmartCore™ IP, specialized ecosystem IP and software, and operating systems

SmartCORE Solutions


Reference Designs

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Programmable Logic Functions

  • 1080p60 image processing (gamma correction, noise reduction, wide dynamic range, encoding, object segmentation and analysis)
  • Multi-stream 1080p60 video processing, stitching for 360 view
  • Thermal/CMOS sensor fusion
  • Connectivity (HDMI, USB, Ethernet)

Processor Sub-System Functions

  • Image processing algorithms (auto gain/exposure/focus)
  • Operating system
  • System management and monitoring
  • Video analytics processing