1G/10G/25G Switching Ethernet Subsystem

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    • *MAC sold separately
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    • Vivado Design Suite
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Product Description

The 1G, 10G and 25G Switching Ethernet Subsystem dynamically switches an Ethernet Media Access Controller (MAC) between 1G or 10G  physical coding sublayer/physical layer (PCS/PHY) and 1G/10G PCS only. The IP core is delivered as encrypted register transfer level (RTL) through the Vivado® Design Suite.

Targeted for Xilinx UltraScale+ devices. The Subsystem is included with the 10G/25G Ethernet MAC/PCS Subsystem.

10G/25G IP Evaluation

The evaluate button above licenses the 10G/25G Ethernet MAC + PCS option. If you also require to use FEC, Auto-Negotiation (AN) and/or Link Training (LT), please add this evaluation key below. (See Order page for more details)

Key Features and Benefits

  • Supports  1.25G, 10.3125G and 25.78125G Ethernet
  • Both media access control (MAC) and physical coding sublayer/physical medium attachment (PCS/PMA) functions are included
  • Detailed statistics gathering
  • Optional support for IEEE 1588 2-step hardware timestamping
  • Supports Auto-Negotiation/Link-Training, Clause 74 FEC
  • Supports 1G/10G PCS only

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