Binary Counter


Product Description

The LogiCORE™ Binary Counter IP core provides LUT and single DSP48 slice implementations. The Binary Counter is used to created up counters, down counters, and up/down counters with outputs of up to 256-bits wide. Support is provided for one threshold signal that can be programmed to become active when the counter reaches a user defined count. The upper limit of the count is user programmable and the counter’s increment value can be user defined. When the counter reaches terminal count or the count to value, the next count is zero.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Generates up, down and up/down counters
  • Supports fabric implementation inputs ranging from 1 to 256 bits wide
  • Supports DSP48 implementation of counters up to 58 bits
  • Pipelining added for maximal speed performance
  • Predictive detection used for threshold and terminal count detection.
  • Optional synchronous set and synchronous init capability for fabric implementations
  • Optional user programmable threshold outputs
  • Counter increment value is user defined
  • User-programmable count limit

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