Avnet Spartan-6 LX9 MicroBoard


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Device Family Support

  • Spartan-6 LX

The low-cost Spartan®-6 FPGA LX9 MicroBoard is the perfect solution for designers interested in exploring the MicroBlaze™ soft processor or Spartan-6 FPGAs in general. The kit comes with several pre-built MicroBlaze “systems” allowing users to start software development just like any standard off-the-shelf microprocessor. The included Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a familiar Eclipse-based environment for writing and debugging code. Experienced FPGA users will find the MicroBoard a valuable tool for general purpose prototyping and testing.

The included peripherals and expansion interfaces make the kit ideal for a wide variety of applications. From a system running an RTOS to a Linux-based web server, the Spartan-6 LX9 MicroBoard can help you validate your next design idea.

What's Included

  • Avnet Spartan-6 LX9 MicroBoard
    • Spartan-6 LX9-2CSG324
Tools & IP
  • Xilinx ISE® WebPACK
  • Xilinx SDK license
    • Device locked to LX9
Targeted Reference Design(s) and Demo(s)
  • MicroBlaze Introduction
  • Embedded Linux
  • Memory Interface Generator
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Downloadable Schematics, BOM, etc.
Cables & Adapters
  • USB A-micro-B cable
  • USB extension cable
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