Spartan-3AN Starter Kit


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With its Out-of-the-Box Guarantee, the new Spartan-3AN starter kit ensures that you’ll be testing and designing FPGA solutions in minutes.

Product Details


Device Family Support

  • Spartan-3AN

This general purpose non-volatile FPGA platform evaluation board includes 10/100 Ethernet/PHY, ADC/DAC circuitry, and connectivity options. Robust subsystems allow you to:

  • Multiboot pre-programmed reference designs in a single session.
  • Prototype countless applications with support for 26 single-ended and differential I/O standards.
  • Connect to DDR2 memory for rapid data transfer using proven memory interface controller.
  • Shorten development time with pre-verified design files and schematics.
  • Safeguard your designs with exclusive Spartan®-3AN features.

For Japan Customers Only,
please order part number: HW-SPAR3AN-SK-UNI-G-J
through your local Japan distributor.

Buy online from:

What's Included

  • Development board
  • Power supply 100-240V, 50/60 Hz with universal plug adaptors
  • ISE® WebPACK™ software and ISE Foundation™ software evaluation
  • Quickstart guide
  • Programming cable
  • Product collateral

Key Features

  • Xilinx Devices
    • Spartan-3AN (XC3S700AN-FG484) 
    • Platform Flash (XCF04S-VOG20C)
  • Clocks
    • 50 MHz crystal oscillator on-board
    • Open slot for optional user-installed clock
  • Memory
    • 4 Mbit Platform Flash PROM
    • 32M x 16 DDR2 SDRAM
    • 32 Mbit parallel Flash
    • 2-16 Mbit SPI Flash devices
  • Analog Interface Devices
    • 4-channel D/A converter
    • 2-channel A/D converter
    • Signal amplifier
  • Connectors and Interfaces
    •  Ethernet 10/100 PHY
    •  JTAG USB download port
    • Two 9-pin RS-232 serial port
    • PS/2-style mouse/keyboard port
    • 15-pin VGA connector capable of 4,096 colors
    • One FX2 100-pin and two 6-pin expansion connectors
    • 20 user I/O available on standard header pins
    • Stereo mini-jack for PWM audio
    • Rotary/push button function switch
    • Eight individual LED outputs
    • Four slider switches, four push-button switches.
  • Display
    • 16 character, 2-Line LCD

Targeted Applications

  • Markets: Consumer, Telecom / Datacom, Servers, Storage
  • Applications: General Prototyping

If you have a technical question, please open a webcase. For all other inquiries, contact
Xilinx offers a 90-day limited warranty on this product. See Limited Warranty for detailed information.

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