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Obtain a license for Free or Evaluation product
  • Free or Evaluation Product Licenses - After completing the installation of ISE Design Suite, the Xilinx License Configuration Manager (XCLM) will start automatically and guide you through the licensing process.

    You may also go directly to the Xilinx Product Licensing Site to obtain licenses for free or evaluation products if you decided to skip this step during product installation.

Obtain a license for Purchased product
  • Purchased Products – If you have purchased ISE Design Suite products or IP Cores, a notification e-mail with licensing instructions has been sent to the Account Administrator for your site. Please locate this notification and follow the instructions to obtain your license for purchased products.

    Visit the Xilinx Product Licensing Site to generate a License Key.

Obtain a license for Legacy IP Core Products
  • License keys for IP cores shipped after ISE v6.3 or EDK v6.3 - If your IP core product is in warranty, the Xilinx Product Licensing Site will automatically generate a license key file that enables both the current release IP version as well as prior versions of the core, up to the IP versions shipped against ISE v6.3 and EDK v6.3.
  • Visit the Xilinx Product Licensing Site to generate a License Key.

    If your legacy IP Core product is not in warranty, or if you need to obtain a license key for IP versions shipped prior to ISE v6.3 or EDK v6.3, Contact Xilinx Software Customer Service

Redeem an ISE Design Suite or IP Core product voucher code
    Most Xilinx and Xilinx partner board kits with support for ISE Design Suite version 11 or later contain a product voucher that may be redeemed for associated ISE Design Suite tools and / or IP Core licenses.

    Visit the Xilinx Product Licensing Site to redeem a product voucher.

Change the license server / host of a product already licensed
  1. Proceed to the Xilinx Product Licensing Site
  2. Click on the “Manage Licenses” tab.
  3. Highlight the license file entry for the host you wish to update
  4. Click the “Modify License” button
  5. Update the host information on the corresponding screen.
  6. You will be required to agree to an affidavit of destruction in order to complete a re-host operation.

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