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Accelerated Computing

Pre-built Xilinx FPGA-accelerated libraries and applications provide users with access to high performance solutions that perform 2x to >100x faster than CPU.

Acceleration Applications and Libraries

Video and Image Processing

VP9 Encoder - V01

Realtime VP9 Encoding

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Data Analytics

Hyper-acceleration Software

Accelerate Apache Spark ETL and Streaming Analytics 4x

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Machine Learning

Accelerated Machine Learning

Accelerate Apache Spark MLlib 10x

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Video and Image Processing

Image Processing Accelerator

Reduce image processing TCO by 3x

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Plug-and-Play Acceleration

Built for Any Server, Any Cloud

Deploy anywhere – from the private data center to the public cloud

Amazon EC2 F1 SDAccel Developer Lab

Work through this self-paced tutorial where you will receive an overview of AWS F1 and SDAccel™ with step-by-step instructions on using Amazon EC2 F1 instances to accelerate your applications. In this virtual developer lab, you will connect to an F1 instance, experience F1 acceleration, and develop and optimize F1 applications with SDAccel.

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