• ASIC Prototyping

    ASIC prototyping with FPGAs enables fast and accurate SoC system modeling and verification of embedded software.

  • Audio

    Xilinx FPGAs and targeted design platforms enable higher degrees of flexibility, faster time-to-market, and lower overall non-recurring engineering costs (NRE) for a wide range of video and imaging applications.

  • High Performance Computing

    Advancements in process technology and device architecture have allowed Xilinx FPGAs to be used in high-performance computing (HPC) applications acting as bridges and switches, as accelerators offloading portions of a software application running on the CPU, or as fixed function hardware accelerators supporting high throughput data processing.

  • Medical

    For diagnostic, monitoring, and therapy applications, the Virtex FPGA and Spartan® FPGA families can be used to meet a range of processing, display, and I/O interface requirements.

  • Smarter Networks

    The biggest driver in the communications and networking markets is the insatiable need for bandwidth as traffic explodes well beyond the capabilities of networks to support that traffic.

  • Smarter Vision

    Xilinx Smarter Vision technologies provide developers with meaningful market relevant tools that accelerate the development of Smarter Vision products.