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MicroBlaze Soft Processor Core

The MicroBlaze™ CPU is a family of drop-in, modifiable preset 32-bit RISC microprocessor configurations. System designers can leverage the no-cost, Eclipse-based Xilinx Software Development Kit with no prior FPGA experience to immediately start developing for the MicroBlaze processor using select evaluation kits. The MicroBlaze processor meets the requirements of many diverse applications including Industrial, Medical, Automotive, Consumer, and Communications markets.

To help you quickly deploy your application, the MicroBlaze processor includes three preset configurations analogous to familiar processor classes.

  • Microcontroller: Suitable for running baremetal code
  • Real-Time Processor: Deterministic real-time processing on an RTOS
  • Application Processor: Embedded Linux capable

Experienced FPGA designers can use the Vivado® HL Edition design tools to target the MicroBlaze processor to any supported Xilinx device at no extra cost. Starting from one of these configurable presets, further customization is possible from a variety of specific processor options and a catalog of driver-enabled drag n’ drop peripherals such as PWMs, UARTs, DMAs, serial interfaces, to satisfy the specific needs of the application. It is also available as part of legacy IDS embedded edition for older FPGA device families like Spartan®-6.

Key Capabilities
  • 32-bit instruction set and general purpose registers
  • 32-bit address bus, extensible to 64 bits
  • Lockstep & TMR Capable
  • Optional floating point unit
  • Sleep, Hibernate, and Suspend Mode/Instructions

Key Drag n’ Drop Peripherals

General Purpose I/O Video Networking
  • Multichannel DMA
  • Streaming FIFO
  • Timer / Watchdog
  • Mutex / Mailbox
  • UART
  • USB 2.0
  • Quad SPI
  • GPIO
  • PWM
  • HDMI Camera/Display Interface
  • Video DMA
  • Ethernet subsystem
  • Controller Area Network

Preset Configurations

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Microcontroller Preset (up to 200DMIPs)
  • 32-bit Processor Core
  • External Memory Controller
  • SPI Controller
  • I2C Controller
  • UART
  • Interrupt Controller
  • Timer

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Real-Time Processor Preset (up to 200DMIPs)
  • All Microcontroller Preset blocks
  • Instruction Cache
  • Memory Protection Unit
  • Data Cache
  • DDR Controller

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Application Processor Preset (up to 180DMIPs)
  • All Real-Time Processor Preset blocks
  • 32-bit Processor Core
  • Memory Management Unit
  • Ethernet Controller

MicroBlaze Performance Metrics: Based on Vivado 2017.4

Device Microcontroller
(1.1 DMIPs/MHz)
Real-Time Processor
(1.3 DMIPs/MHz)
Applications Processor
Cost-Optimized Portfolio Devices
Spartan-7 (-2) 194 260 161 216 131 140
Artix-7 (-3) 226 303 184 247 153 164
Zynq 7000S (-2) 185 248 155 208 125 134
Zynq-7000 (-3) 224 300 181 243 168 180
FPGAs, 3D ICs, and MPSoCs
Kintex-7 (-3) 327 438 245 328 211 226
Virtex-7 (-3) 329 441 238 319 217 232
Kintex UltraScale (-3) 403 540 302 405 256 274
Virtex UltraScale (-3) 407 545 302 405 262 280
Kintex UltraScale+ (-3) 556 745 407 545 358 383
Virtex UltraScale+ (-3) 571 765 422 565 345 369
Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC (-3) 560 750 419 561 364 389


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