Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC

More than Silicon: A Comprehensive Platform Offering

Based on the Xilinx All programmable SoC architecture, the Zynq®-7000 All Programmable SoCs enable extensive system level differentiation, integration, and flexibility through hardware, software, and I/O programmability.

Using the Zynq-7000 platform, you can design smarter systems with tightly coupled software based control and analytics with real time hardware-based processing and optimized system interfaces — with vastly lower BOM costs, lower NRE costs, lower design risk, and of course much faster time to market. All seven Zynq devices (Z-7010, Z-7015, Z-7020, Z-7030, Z-7035, Z-7045, Z-7100) are optimized for specific combinations of system power, cost, and size to meet the needs of smarter control, smarter vision and smarter networks.

This comprehensive platform offers:

Smartest Solution for a Wide Range of System Design Problems

Xilinx Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoCs are the Smartest Solution for a wide range of system-design problems in all markets, across the entire application spectrum. Learn more about the 9 reasons why:

Smarter & Optimized & Most Secure Solution
  • Innovative ARM® + FPGA architecture for differentiation, analytics & control
  • Extensive OS, middleware, stacks, accelerators, and IP ecosystem
  • Multiple levels of hardware and software security
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Unmatched Integration, Performance, and Power
  • Integration delivering the de facto All Programmable platform
  • System level performance through optimized architecture
  • Architected to deliver lowest system power 
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Proven Productivity
  • Most flexible & scalable platform for maximum reuse and best TTM
  • Industry leading design tools, C/C++, Open CL design abstractions
  • Largest portfolio of SW & HW design tools, SoMs, design kits & reference designs
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All Programmable Platform for a Wide Range of Applications

Tight integration between the ARM-based processing system and the on-chip programmable logic creates unlimited possibilities for designers to add virtually any peripheral or create custom accelerators that extend system performance and suit unique application requirements.

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