Optical Transport Network

Additional Information, Product Licenses, and Evaluations

Please contact your sales representative to inquire about access to NDA documents located in the Xilinx OTN Lounge.

Optical Transport Network Solutions Deliver most Compact IP with Reduced Power and Time to Market

Xilinx has partnered with Precise-ITC and Xelic for a rich set of Optical Transport Network (OTN) solutions to enable Network Equipment Providers (NEPs) to focus on end-product innovation and differentiation while reducing time-to-market and total cost of ownership.

Our OTN solutions deliver designers the flexibility to reduce cost, increase port density and shorten time to market. A dedicated team of Optical Network Specialists delivers best-of-class OTN solutions, technology, and architecture to help NEPs meet service providers’ objectives for cost efficiency, flexibility, scalability, standards-compliance, and operational streamlining.

Our partner solutions for include:

  • 100G Transponder
  • 100G Muxponder
  • 100G Regenerator/Repeater
  • 100G Add/Drop Mux
  • OTN Framers
  • OTN Multiplexers
  • PCS/OTL3.4/OTL4.10


Xilinx additionally has FEC solutions:

  • Support for latest standards – G.709, OIF, ODUflex, and G.975 compliant 10G to 100G EFEC/GFEC IP
  • ITU G.709 GFEC
  • 10G I.4 EFEC
  • 10G I.7 EFEC
  • 100G XFEC