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Breakthrough Adaptive Radio Platform for Mass 5G Deployments

Flexible. High Performance. Cost Effective.


Meets 5G NR requirements with 2X performance/watt


Hardware adaptable to keep pace
with the evolution of 5G


A 5G NR radio solution that balances flexibility and cost



Meets 2nd Wave 5G NR Requirements

2X Performance/Watt

vs. Zynq™ RFSoC Gen3


Instantaneous Bandwidth in FR1 (8T8R)​


Direct RF Bandwidth

RFSoC DFE Diagram
  • Adaptive RFSoC platform integrates more hardened IP than soft logic, enabling a flexible solution that is high performance, power-efficient, and cost-effectiveness

  • The instantaneous BW supported is 400 MHz and 1600 MHz in FR1 and FR2, respectively, to solve diverse multiband requirements

  • Up to 8T8R with integrated feedback ADCs for single-chip FDD radio solution

  • Hardened DPD IP is based on AMD production proven soft-core and enhanced to support advanced wideband GaN Power Amplifiers to improve power efficiency

5g use cases

Adapt to New and Evolving 5G NR Use Cases


The unique combination of standard compliant hard IP with adaptable logic in Zynq RFSoC DFE enables customers to adapt radio units to evolving requirements defined by diverse and emerging use cases (eMBB, URLLC, mMTC) with minimal time-to-market impact.

the market

Balances Flexibility and Cost to Adapt to 5G Market Disruption

Zynq RFSoC DFE allows for market agility as the 5G Rollout undergoes disruptive business models driven by interoperability initiatives (e.g., ORAN, TIP), new service providers, and increased competition.

The platform’s hardware adaptability enables innovation while delivering the same benefits of an ASIC without the NRE: reducing risk and lowering overall TCO for new market entrants and traditional OEMs alike.

RFSoC DFE Diagram


Scalable from Small Cell to Massive-MIMO

Small Cell

Small Cell

Power & Cost Efficient for small cell applications

Fixed Wireless Access

Fixed Wireless Access

IF Transceiver for 5G NR FR2 mmWave Spectrums

Multi-Mode Macrocell

Multi-Mode Macrocell

Support for 5G and 4G LTE

Massive-MIMO Macrocell

Massive-MIMO Macrocell

Full Sub-7GHz Direct RF

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