2 Antenna 2x20MHz (40MHz) LTE Radio Solution

Employing the dual ARM® Cortex™-A9 MPCore processors in Zynq®-7000 devices and the highly scalable radio SmartCORE™s and Connectivity IP enables extremely low power, low cost and small footprint solutions ideal for radio applications. Whether it be a narrow band single antenna small cell, or wide band multi-antenna macrocell, the Zynq SoC family of devices provides the most flexible, most integrated and programmable solution available today, providing risk mitigation with late feature changes, and even supporting feature enhancements post deployment.


Solution Summary and Benefits

  • 3 chips into 1: Combining radio control processing (O&M), signal processing for DUC/DDC, CFR and DPD, with connectivity IP for JESD204B and CPRI
  • Scalable to support multiple antennas and carrier configurations
  • ARM Cortex A9 + NEON for high speed digital signal processing in software
  • CPRI support for up to 9.8Gbps line rates with auto-negotiation
  • Optional digital VCXO and jitter cleanup PLL implementation
  • Lowest overall power and cost, with maximum integration and solution flexibility

SmartCORE IP Solutions

  • DUC/DDC Compiler
  • PC-CFR
  • DPD

LogiCORE IP Solutions

  • FIR Compiler
  • DDS Compiler
  • JESD204B
  • CPRI
  • Ethernet

Reference Designs

  • WCDMA/CDMA2000 DUC/DDC Reference Design
  • WiMAX DUC/DDC Reference Design
  • CPRI Multi-hop Reference Design

Hardware Platforms

Boards and Kits

  • Tektelic High Performance Radio Card
  • Avnet DSP Kit

Programmable Logic Functions

  • 491MHz capable logic fabric (Kintex®-7/Virtex®-7) for efficient low power implementation of filter structures found in DUC/DDC, CFR and DPD processing
  • CPRI/ OBSAI framer/de-framer and application layer with high-speed SerDes
  • JESD204B framer/de-framer and application layer with high-speed SerDes
  • High-speed LVDS interfacing for legacy DAC/ADC technology


Processor Sub-System Functions

  • Radio control, calibration, alarms and message termination
  • Digital pre-distortion correction algorithms leveraging ARM + NEON and optional fabric-based hardware accelerators