Wireless Backhaul

Artix®-7 FPGAs are cost effective platform devices for designing efficient mobile backhaul solutions. The devices employ SmartCORE™ IP and offer the right mix of logic density, IP and DSP resources to integrate backhaul solutions for greater flexibility, lower BOM cost, and lower total power consumption when compared to alternative ASIC or ASSP solutions.

Solution Summary and Benefits

  • Up to 930 GMACS (symmetric filters) of signal processing for wireless modem
  • Up to 1,066 Mb/s DDR3 memory interfaces enable data buffers using commodity memories
  • Up to 16 transceivers running at 6.6Gb/s to interface to both Ethernet and RF links using JEDEC JESD204B connectivity to data converters
  • System-ready IP for packet processing, traffic management, and microwave and V-Band/E-Band baseband modem for rapid development