Xilinx LogiCORE IP Life Cycle Definitions


A Pre-Production IP core is in general public release for a device family, but has not completed qualification for use in production designs.*


A Production IP core is one which is provided for general public release, and has been verified using production speed files.

Discontinued **

A Discontinued IP core is one that Xilinx has decided to discontinue. In the ISE® CORE Generator™ GUI, such a core would be flagged with a Discontinued tag, and the core would be scheduled for removal from the next major release of ISE.

Superseded **

A Superseded IP core is one that has been replaced by a newer version. In the ISE CORE Generator GUI, such a core would be flagged with a Superseded tag.


A core in the Removed state no longer ships in ISE or EDK releases.

* IP in the Pre-Production state are subject to change

** Cores and IP core versions tagged as Discontinued or Superseded are not visible by default in the ISE CORE Generator and EDK software GUIs. To display Discontinued and Superseded cores: In CORE Generator: Check the "All IP Versions" checkbox in CORE Generator catalog. In EDK: Edit the EDK Preferences settings to show Superseded and/or Discontinued cores as desired.