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Xilinx Kintex UltraScale FPGA KCU105 Evaluation Kit

Product Description

The Kintex® UltraScale™ FPGA KCU105 Evaluation Kit is the perfect development environment for evaluating the cutting edge Kintex UltraScale All Programmable FPGAs. The Kintex UltraScale family delivers ASIC-class system-level performance, clock management, and power management for next generation systems at the right balance of price, performance and power.

This kit is ideal for those prototyping for medium- to high-volume applications, such as Data Center, wireless infrastructure, and other DSP-intensive applications.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Optimized for quickly prototyping applications using Kintex UltraScale FPGAs with access to the following features
    • 64-bit DDR4 Component Memory
    • Dual SFP+ cages for Ethernet
    • PCIe Gen3 x8
    • 2x FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC) interface for I/O expansion

What's Included

  • KCU105 evaluation board featuring the Kintex UltraScale XCKU040-2FFVA1156E FPGA
  • 2x 10Gbps SFP+ modules
  • 1x Fiber optic patch cable
  • 1x FMC loopback card
  • Access to a full seat of Vivado® Design Suite: Design Edition
    • Device-locked to the XCKU040
  • Access to targeted reference designs for Ethernet, PCIe and more.
  • Access to design examples for testing all major interfaces on the board.
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  • Price: $2,995
  • Part Number: EK-U1-KCU105-G
  • Lead Time: 2 Weeks

Key Features

FPGA: Kintex XCKU040-2FFVA1156E FPGA

  • ROHS compliant KCU105 kit including the XCKU040-2FFVA1156E FPGA


  • Onboard JTAG configuration circuitry to enable configuration over USB
  • JTAG header provided for use with Xilinx download cables such as the Platform Cable USB II
  • Quad SPI Flash with 2 x 256 Mb of non-volatile storage


  • 2GB DDR4 component memory (four [256 Mb x 16] devices) at 1200MHz / 2400Mbpsps
  • 64MB (512Mb) Quad SPI Flash
  • Micro SD Card Slot

Communication & Networking

  • Gigabit Ethernet GMII, RGMII and SGMII
  • 2x SFP / SFP+ cage
  • GTX port (TX, RX) with four SMA connectors
  • UART To USB Bridge
  • PCI Express x8 edge connector


  • HDMI Video output
  • External Phy/codec device driving an HDMI Connector
  • 8x  GPIO user LEDs


Expansion Connectors

  • FMC-HPC (Partial Population) connector (8 GTX Transceiver, 114 single-ended or 57 differential (34 LA & 24 HA) user defined signals)
  • FMC-LPC connector (1 GTX Transceiver, 68 single-ended or 34 differential user defined signals)
  • 2x PMOD headers
  • IIC


  • 8x programmable clocks
    • System clocks, EMC clock, user clocks, Jitter attenuated clocks
  • 2x SMA input clocks

Control & I/O

  • 5X Directional Push Buttons
  • 4X DIP Switches
  • 1x Rotary switch
  • Diff Pair I/O (1 SMA pair)


  • 12V wall adapter or ATX

Featured Components

Provider Name Product Category Item Description
Maxim Integrated Power MAX20751 Multiphase Master with PMBus
VT1697SB High Density Synchronous Buck Converter with PMBus
MAX15301 InTune Digital PoL Controller
MAX15303 Digital PoL with InTune Automatic Compensation
MAX8869 1A Microcap LDO
MAX16050/MAX16052 Voltage Sequencer/Monitor ICs
MAX17502 Himalaya 60V Buck Converter
MAX15027 Low Voltage LDO with BIAS Input
Power semiconductors used on the KCU105 base board.  More info available from Maxim’s Kintex Ultrascale Power Solution page

KCU105 Peripherals


KCU105 Peripherals

  • 2x 10Gbps SFP+ modules
  • 1x Fiber optic patch cable

Included in this Kit

Design Tools

Name Description License Type
Vivado Design Suite: Design Edition The Xilinx Vivado® Design Suite is a revolutionary IP and System Centric design environment built from the ground up to accelerate the design for all programmable devices. Node locked & device-locked to the Kintex UltraScale KU040 FPGA, with 1 year of updates

Intellectual Property

Name Description License Type
PCI Express DMA Bridge Core Northwest Logic’s PCIe Expresso DMA Bridge Core 12 hour hardware time out version of the core
>> See More
Memory Interface Generator (MIG) MIG is a free software tool used to generate memory controllers and interfaces for Xilinx FPGAs No-Charge IP

Additional Tools, IP and Resources

Provider Name
Product Category Item Description
Red Hat Operating System Fedora Fedora-20 is used for UltraScale TRDs
Open Source Software Tool TeraTerm One of many possible terminal emulators used for serial connection from your PC to the evaluation kit.