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Low Cost Ultrasound

Employing the Artix®-7 FPGA and Xilinx IP solutions enable the following single-chip Ultrasound RX Beam former and delivers greater functionality in fewer devices with greater flexibility, lower BOM cost, and total power consumption when compared to the previous generation solution.

Solution Summary and Benefits

  • Single-chip solution that replaces multiple devices
  • Performance for Multi-Line Acquisition (MLA) in cost optimized device
  • Programmable and scalable algorithms & form factors
  • High Performance DSP and BRAM for Beamforming and Signal Processing
    • Demodulator
    • Filtering
    • Compression
    • Adaptive Aberration Control
    • And more
  • Low footprint and single chip solution for small form factor devices
  • High Density I/O support for High Channel input
  • Lower power for more portability
  • Customizable fabric for design tune-ability