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Configuration Solutions

Xilinx offers a wide range of configuration solutions for Xilinx FPGAs and programming solutions for Xilinx CPLDs and PROMs.

CPLD and PROM Programming

Hardware for All Xilinx Devices

  • Platform Cable USB II is the newest and most flexible USB 2.0 download cable for high-performance, reliable and user-friendly configuring and programming all Xilinx FPGAs, CPLDs and PROMs. This cable is a cost effective tool for debugging embedded software and firmware. It supports JTAG and Xilinx slave serial modes.
  • Xilinx Virtual Cable provides a means to access and debug your FPGA design without using a USB or parallel configuration cable.
  • Digilent JTAG Cables Digilent produces a variety of high-speed JTAG and SPI USB2 programming solutions that work seamlessly with all Xilinx tools.  Our free Adept software allows custom applications to drive JTAG and SPI operations, and to exchange data with target systems.
  • ByteTools Cables are a high performance Ethernet-to-JTAG cable.  Is is powered by a wall transformer, communicates with a system host (or via an Ethernet hub or switch), using a standard Ethernet cable in an IP network.

Embedded Solutions for All Xilinx Devices

  • Microprocessor (PDF) is a pre-engineered solution for configuration using an embedded microprocessor.
  • BSDL files are available for every part and package combination of IEEE 1149.1 compatible devices
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