Robot-assisted Surgery

Robot-assisted minimally invasive surgical systems with advanced vision guidance and precision multi-axis control


Robot-assisted surgery is one of the fastest growing portions within clinical surgery and healthcare. Some industry experts, clinicians and surgeons are of the opinion that robotics use in surgery is the future of ailments with smaller incisions, fast recovery times, reduced hospital stays, lower complication risk, lower blood loss and pain. Less than 5% of the world’s surgeries today use robot-assist and this is projected to grow at an incredible pace.

AMD is helping the leading providers of the robot-assisted surgical systems achieve their goal with highly advanced real-time visualization technology for surgeons and advanced multi-axis control systems for the robot arms. AMD is also supporting its customers in video receiver and image management systems at the back-end.

Kria SOMs are the easiest way to build vision systems and ROS 2-based robotics using robotic-specific apps from the app store or using the Kria Robotics Stack to quickly implement and hardware accelerate your computational graph.

High-Performance and Adaptive Computing in Healthcare

High-Performance and Adaptive Computing in Healthcare

New advances in technology are helping revolutionize the healthcare landscape. Download our eBook to uncover key industry challenges and learn how technology creates new ways to treat and diagnose diseases, power research, and enable doctors to perform surgeries with greater precision.

Solutions Stack

The AMD IIoT and HcIoT Solutions Stack is comprised of optimized AMD and Ecosystem building blocks and solutions used across Industrial and Healthcare IoT platforms. Starting from scratch is never something you will have to do with an Industrial or Healthcare IoT system from AMD. Minimize development time and cost and maximize design reuse on your next Industrial or Healthcare IoT platform by exploring the different elements of the AMD IIoT and HcIoT Solutions Stack.