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Alveo U50 Data Center Accelerator Card


Product Description

The Xilinx® Alveo™ U50 Data Center accelerator cards provide optimized acceleration for workloads in financial computing, machine learning, computational storage, and data search and analytics. Built on Xilinx UltraScale+ architecture and packaged up in an efficient 75-watt, small form factor, and armed with 100 Gbps networking I/O, PCIe Gen4, and HBM, Alveo U50 is designed for deployment in any server.

Alveo accelerator cards are adaptable to changing acceleration requirements and algorithm standards, capable of accelerating any workload without changing hardware, and reduce overall cost of ownership.

Enabling Alveo accelerator cards is an ecosystem of Xilinx and partner applications for common Data Center workloads. For custom solutions, Xilinx’s Application Developer Tool Suite (SDAccel™ tool) and Machine Learning Suite provide the frameworks for developers to bring differentiated applications to market.

Key Features & Benefits

Built for Performance & Efficiency

  • Faster application performance with 460GB/s HBM memory and PCIe Gen4 interconnect
  • Low latency network capability through 100G networking with support for 4x 10GbE, 4x 25GbE, or 1x 40GbE or 1x 100GbE

Adaptable – Accelerate Any Workload

  • Accelerates compute, network, storage workloads
  • Maximized application performance as workloads  and algorithms evolve through reconfigurable fabric - unlike fixed-architecture alternatives

Accessible - Cloud <-> On-Premises Mobility

  • Built for scale out architectures for deployment solutions on the cloud or on-premises interchangeably

For full product specifications refer to the Datasheet.

Board Specifications Alveo U50 Accelerator Cards
Compute Resources
Look-up Tables (LUTs) 872K 872K
Registers 1,743K 1,743K
DSP Slices 5,952 5,952
Height ½ Height ½ Height
Length ½ Length ½ Length
Width Single Slot Single Slot
HBM Memory Capacity 8 GB 8 GB
HBM Total Bandwidth 460 GB/s 460 GB/s
Internal SRAM Capacity 28 MB 28 MB
Internal SRAM Total Bandwidth 24 TB/s 24 TB/s
PCI Express Gen3x 16, 2 x Gen4x 8, CCIX Gen3x 16, 2 x Gen4x 8, CCIX
Network Interfaces 2x SFP-DD (50GbE) 1x QSFP28 (100GbE)
Time Stamp
Clock Precision IEEE 1588 IEEE 1588
Power and Thermal
Maximum Total Power 75W 75W
Thermal Cooling Passive Passive
Tool Support
SDAccel Developer Environment Yes Yes
Vivado Design Suite Yes Yes

We’ve developed an ecosystem of Xilinx and partner solutions for most common workloads. Alveo Data Center accelerator cards can deliver dramatic acceleration across a broad set of applications and are reconfigurable to provide an ideal fit for the changing workloads of the modern data center. Compare how Alveo Data Center accelerator cards perform compared to traditional CPU architectures.

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Getting Started

Download and Getting Started

  • System requirements
  • Product registration
  • Card installation procedures
  • Xilinx run-time and Shell installation
  • Bring up and validation
  • Designing with SDAccel in C/C++ and OpenCL
  • Designing with Vivado tools using RTL, and HLx flow

Develop Your Own Alveo U50 Accelerated Applications


Option 1.  Vivado Design Flow

  • Download Vivado Design Suite 2019.1
  • Click on Update Board Repositories for the latest U50 board files in Vivado  2019.1




Option 2.  SDAccel Design Flow

  • Download SDAccel 2019.1
  • Contact Xilinx sales for latest XRT and Shell




Buy Cards

Product Part Number Description Buy
U50DD A-U50DD-P00G-ES3-G

Passive Cooling with 2 x SFP-DD (development)

*Expected lead time: 4 weeks

U50 A-U50-P00G-PQ-G Passive Cooling with 1 x QSFP28 (deployment) Contact Sales
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