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Vitis AI 3.5 Release

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World‘s Most Advanced AI Acceleration from Edge to Data Center

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Highest AI Efficiency Card

VCK5000​ AI Development Card

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Highest Compute Efficiency & Optimal Performance

Optimal AI Inference Performance

World‘s most advanced AI acceleration from edge to data center. Highest AI inference performance, fastest experience & lowest cost.


AI for Data Center

Delivering the highest throughput at the lowest latency for cloud-end image processing, speech recognition, recommender system accelerations, and natural language process (NLP) accelerations


AI for Edge​

Superior AI inference capabilities to accelerate deep learning processing in self-driving cars, ADAS, healthcare, smart city, retail, robotics, and autonomous machines at the edge.

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Data Center​ AI Acceleration

High-Throughput AI Inference

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Highest Performance AI Inference

2X TCO reduction vs. mainstream GPUs

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Highest Performance Video Analytics Throughput

2X number of video streams vs. mainstream GPUs

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Simple Learning Curve

Popular AI models and frameworks ​with no hardware programming required


Graph Sources: https://developer.Nvidia.com/deep-learning-performance-training-inference

AMD Data Center AI Case Studies

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Purchase VCK5000

Purchase the VCK5000 Development Card for AI inference built on the AMD 7nm Versal adaptive SoC

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Compute AI inference at high performance with Mipsology and achieve full video processing ML inference pipeline for AI recognition with Aupera

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Industry-Leading Edge AI Acceleration Performance​

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Lowest Latency AI Inference

  • Optimal FPS and power consumption on Zynq™ UltraScale+and Versal™
  • Powerful deep learning processing units (DPU)​
  • State-of-the-art model optimization technologies; 5X to 50X model performance boost

Flexible Software Flow ​

  • Support AI models from PyTorch, TensorFlow, and Caffe​
  • Easy C++ and Python-based libraries and APIs​
  • Unified quantizer, compiler, and runtime for deployment across edge platforms​
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Scalable & Adaptable

  • Scalable DPU IP for different logic and AIE resources​
  • Open AI model zoo for free-on-board try-on​
  • Whole Application Acceleration


Latency Response Comparison


High Throughput OR Low Latency

Achieves throughput using high-batch size. Must wait for all inputs to be ready before processing, resulting in high latency.


High Throughput AND Low Latency

Achieves throughput using low-batch size. Processes each input as soon as it’s ready, resulting in low latency.

Scalability to Fit All Your Edge Products


End-to-end application performance

Optimized hardware acceleration of both AI inference and other performance-critical functions is achieved by tightly coupling custom accelerators into a dynamic architecture silicon device.

This delivers end-to-end application performance that is significantly greater than a fixed-architecture AI accelerator. In such devices, the other performance-critical functions of the application must still run in software, without the performance or efficiency of custom hardware acceleration.

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Purchase Kria KV260 Vision AI Starter Kit

Built for advanced vision application development without requiring complex hardware design knowledge

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