Xilinx AI Video Analytics

Real-Time Analytics For A Smarter, Safer World

Xilinx is the Choice for Critical AI Video Analytics Applications

For critical AI video analytics applications that preserve human health, protect human life, and secure property, deterministic low latency performance is mandatory.

The Xilinx AI Video Analytics platform powers solutions that address the world’s most critical and complex inferencing applications.

Combining sub-100ms end-to-end pipeline latency with the massive parallel processing of Xilinx Alveo accelerators cards, Xilinx delivers the industry’s best performance at the absolute lowest hardware investment.


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Low Latency Solutions for Your AI Video Analytics Needs

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Smart Retail/City/Building

  • Full video AI solutions at the edge
  • Smart city, smart building, and smart retail
  • High efficiency, low latency, and scalability


Migration and Acceleration

  • Toolset delivering easy migration of existing AI applications
  • High-performance plug-and-play AI inference accelerator


Edge AI Training

  • AI training at the edge on FPGA with a 10x performance/cost advantage vs GPUs
  • Support for Tensorflow, PyTorch, and Keras.

Powered by Alveo

Low Latency For The Most Complex Applications

Powered by Alveo™ data center accelerator cards, the Xilinx platform efficiently handles complex AI video applications on a single device.

  • Optimized AI/ML performance
  • Massively parallel to handle multiple models elegantly on minimal hardware
  • Deterministic sub-100ms pipeline latency

Industry’s Lowest TCO and Lowest Deterministic Latency



Build Your Own AI Video Analytics Solution with VMSS

At the heart of the Xilinx AI Video Analytics platform is our Video Machine-learning Streaming Server (VMSS) framework. VMSS targets AI applications such as facial recognition, virtual fencing, crowd statistics, traffic monitoring, and object detection.

The VMSS Advantage

  • Customizable, smart video processing
  • Low latency, high throughput image processing engine
  • Independently scalable workloads for optimal resource use
  • Custom plugins for hardware acceleration and software processing

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