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Best​ Price/Performance/Watt​ at 20nm

Kintex UltraScale Product Advantage

Kintex® UltraScale™ devices provide the best price/performance/watt at 20nm and include the highest signal processing bandwidth in a mid-range device, next- generation transceivers, and low-cost packaging for an optimum blend of capability and cost-effectiveness. The family is ideal for packet processing in 100G networking and data center applications as well as DSP-intensive processing needed in next- generation medical imaging, 8k4k video, and heterogeneous wireless infrastructure.

Value Deliverables
Programmable System Integration
  • Up to 1.5M System Logic Cells leveraging 2nd generation 3D IC
  • Multiple integrated PCI Express® Gen3 cores
Increased System Performance
  • 8.2 TeraMACs of DSP compute performance
  • Up to two speed-grade improvement with high utilization
  • 16G backplane-capable transceivers, up to 64 per device
  • 2,400Mb/s DDR4 for robust operation over varying PVT
BOM Cost Reduction
  • System integration reduces application BOM cost by up to 60%
  • 12.5Gb/s transceivers in slowest speed grade
  • 2,400Mb/s DDR4 in a mid-speed grade
  • VCXO integration reduces clocking component cost
Total Power Reduction
  • Up to 40% lower power vs. previous generation
  • Fine granular clock gating with UltraScale devices ASIC-like clocking
  • Enhanced system logic cell packing reduces dynamic power
Accelerated Design Productivity

Kintex UltraScale Product Table

  XCKU025 XCKU035 XCKU040 XCKU060 XCKU085 XCKU095 XCKU115
System Logic Cells (K) 318 444 530 726 1,088 1,176 1,451
DSP Slices 1,152 1,700 1,920 2,760 4,100 768 5,520
Block RAM (Mb) 12.7 19.0 21.1 38.0 56.9 59.1 75.9
16.3Gb/s Transceivers 12 16 20 32 56 64 64
I/O Pins 312 520 520 624 676 702 832
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