Driver Installation Instructions

The SmartLynq Data Cable is designed to work with Vivado® HLx Edition version 2017.2 and beyond.  Install the latest version of Vivado from Downloads.

If using Windows with Vivado version 2017.2 and a USB connection for SmartLynq, you will need to complete these additional steps:

  1. Install the Vivado 2017.2.1 update from Downloads

  2. Run the following commands in an administrator command prompt: 
    cd %VIVADO_INSTALL_DIR%\data\xicom\cable_drivers\nt64 install_drivers_wrapper.bat

  3. Set or replace %VIVADO_INSTALL_DIR% with the location of your install directory.  A file named install_drivers_wrapper.log will be placed under %VIVADO_INSTALL_DIR% when this command is run.

Note: With the Vivado 2017.3 release and beyond, these steps will no longer be necessary.