Defense-grade Virtex 5Q FPGA Family

The Defense-grade Virtex™ 5Q family offers the largest selection of reprogrammable devices for mission critical Aerospace & Defense applications.

Defense-grade Virtex 5Q FPGA Family Benefits

  • Up to 330,000 Logic Cells
  • 500 MHz clocking with clock management tile
  • Up to 6.5Gbps high-performance RocketIO GTX transceivers
  • 528 GMACs from 500 MHz DSP48E slices with 25x18 multipliers for DSP acceleration
  • 192 GFLOPS single-precision and 68 GFLOPS double-precision floating point DSP
  • Ruggedized packaging for protection against ‘tin-whiskering’ and caustic solvent cleaning systems
  • Bare Die available for extreme form factor requirements
  • Long term support based on 20 years service to the A&D Industry

Platforms and Solutions

Defense-grade Virtex 5Q FPGA Comparison Table


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