Defense-grade Virtex 6Q FPGA Family

The Virtex™ 6Q defense-grade FPGA family offers advancements in secure performance and reliability. Third generation Anti-tamper capabilities combine with performance improvements and next generation ruggedized packaging for the latest Virtex defense-grade FPGA product line. The new family is built with the right mix of programmability, integrated blocks for DSP, memory, and connectivity support — including high-speed transceiver capabilities — to satisfy the insatiable demand for higher bandwidth and higher performance with reliability.

Defense-grade Virtex 6Q FPGA Family Benefits

  • 3rd generation Anti-tamper (DoD 5000 Series)
  • Smaller size and lower weight with performance per logic cell count and external component integration
  • 50% lower power over Virtex 5Q FPGAs (equivalent temperature range)
  • Lower cost over previous generations
  • Heritage of 20+ continuous years in A&D: Customers, agencies and standards
  • True, full range tested (vs. ‘characterized’) I and M temperatures
  • Ruggedized packaging
  • 16 year long term product support
  • Mask set control

Platforms and Solutions

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